People want to be able to view mugshots from their community. They want to be aware of crime going on in their neighborhood.

    CJ Online used to show the mugshots and bookings from Topeka, Kansas and Shawnee County. They decided to stop offering this service to the community.

    That is where we came in. We built this website to offer exactly what they took away. This website automatically posts new mugshots every day from bookings in Topeka, Kansas & Shawnee County.

    But we didn’t stop there. Crime in Topeka, Kansas is higher than the national average. We want everyone to know what is going on in their community.

    So what did we do? We built this website to offer you access to mugshots. We also offer you local crime news from surrounding areas, tracked crime rates, and more.


  • Updated homepage to show all of our content
  • Added new Mugshots page that displays a set amount
  • Added TopekaCrimes Top Picks, that shows businesses we recommend
  • Updated the logo
  • Added donation button
  • Website released
  • Mugshots page created
  • Local crime news page created
  • Crime rates page created
  • Request mugshot removal, report mugshot invalid data, report bugs forms created
  • Terms & conditions page, privacy policy page created
  • Twitter page is no longer going to be used for posting mugshots
  • Facebook page will rarely be used, except for advertising
  • Added Facebook/Twitter share buttons to mugshots
  • Fixed image sizing on phones
  • Added like/share button to home page
  • Changed share/like buttons under posts
  • Changed navigation menu under help

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